How to reach an airport from Moscow?

You can reach:

  • By the bus from metro station "Kotelniki", travel time - 1 hour, fare is equal to 85 rubles
  • By the commuter electric trains from the Kazan station to railway station "Otdyh" and then by a shuttle to the airport, total travel time - 1 hour
  • by the car of 23 km along the route М5 "Ural", travel time from MKAD - 40 minutes
From and until what time is operates the public transport?

Buses from metro station "Kotelniki" plies according to the schedule (http://zia.aero/en/how-to-get/by-public-transport/), commuter electric trains from the Kazan station to railway station "Otdyh" runs from 5 AM till 1 AM.

Please, preliminary specify the information on possible changes in the traffic schedule on corresponding resources.

What hotels located near to the airport?

In the Zhukovsky urban district are located a great number of hotels of various price level. We suggest you to get acquainted with hotels offers which are located most close to the airport terminal.

"Novo-Rozhdestvenno", 2.1 km

Zhukovsky, Rechnoy proezd, 21, bld. 6

+7 (498) 481-13-13


Gavan "Nadezhdy", 2.1 km

Zhukovsky, Rechnoy proezd, 19

+7 (495) 762 40 03


Piccadilly, 4.9 km

Zhukovsky, Muromskaya Street, 26


Hotel "Kulon", 5.3 km

Zhukovsky, Nizhegorodskaya street, 4B

+7 (498) 483-19-93


Hotel "Meteor", 5.4 km

Zhukovsky, Pushkin Street, 3


Hotel "Evropa", 6.3 km

Zhukovsky, Zhukovskogo Street, 9

+7 (495) 580-65-60


"Graf Hotel", 8.2 km

Zhukovsky, Koroleva Street, 4, bld. 2

+7 (498) 479-58-58


Vokrug Sveta, 8.2 km

Zhukovsky, Bratiev Volkovyh Street, 36A

+7 (495) 941-98-55


For what time starts the passengers’ flight registration?

Registration of passengers and check-in of baggage at the federal and international flights starts usually for 2 hours and finishes for 40 minutes prior to a departure. Please, additionally specify the time of starting and finishing of check-in in the airline the services of which you use.

Can I be registered on flight online?

Online registration is carried out on a website of your airline.

What's to be done, if flight is absent in the schedule?

Most likely, you travel by an irregular flight which will appear in the schedule of the airport in a few days prior a date of performing of a flight (less often in one day prior to a departure).

If you have acquired a ticket, but do not see interesting you flight, please address to airline or agency wh ere purchase was made. It is possible that flight was scheduled, but not confirmed yet, therefore it is absent in the schedule.

Wh ere to buy the tickets?

Sale of air tickets is carried out by airlines in ticket offices, travel agencies and on the websites of airlines.

Contact information of the airlines performing direct flights from Zhukovsky, you can find on a page «Routes and airlines».

What's to be done in case of detection of errors in the air tickets?

If you have detected an error, we recommend to address to the company or agency wh ere you have purchased a ticket, and to correct it. Some airlines may tacitly commit up to three errors inclusive, and some is very categorical in that respect!

When will appear an additional or new flight to some place?

All flights are declared and performed by the airlines. As soon as the airport receives the similar information, such information is published on our website in section "News".

Can I enter into an airport with liquids and pharmaceuticals?

You can enter into an airport building provided that afterwards you shall deposit it in baggage in the process of registration on flight. To wear out any boxes (containers, tubes) with liquids more than 100 milliliters in departure zone is prohibited.

If I cannot do without pharmaceuticals or baby food during flight?

Pharmaceuticals, means of «special dietary requirements», baby food, including mother's milk, it is possible to bring in the quantity necessary during a flight. Even if the passenger has a medical certificate, security officer of the airport shall look through the pharmaceuticals and be convinced that they are not the explosive mixtures.

Can the diabetics to take aboard required pharmaceuticals and syringes?

When passing a preflight inspection on the request of the airport officer you will need to show a medical document (certificate, record, recipe etc.), confirming the necessity of insulin intake. We recommend taking in cabin baggage only such quantity of a pharmaceutical and syringes which is required during flight, and the rest to deposit into a baggage.

How to pass inspection if I have a cardiac pacemaker or another implant?

Prior to passage of metal detector you shall warn the airport officer that you have a cardiac pacemaker or another implant. You shall have accompanying medical documents (post surgery record or other medical certificate). Inspection will be carried out by a manual method.

I am pregnant and I don't like to pass through a metal detector framework, what can I do at this situation?

There is no a formal document which would establish special conditions of passage of inspection in respect of pregnant women or their liberation from the control by means of metal detectors because the radiation of metal detectors is very low and its influence is considered as safe for everything, including pregnant women.

Procedure of service of handicapped passengers?

When purchasing of air ticket necessarily inform the officer of airline or agency that you or escorted by you passenger require the special assistance. Orders for providing of special assistance for the passengers are accepted only from airlines.

If an airport has received the request from your airline, you will be provided by:

  • Escort and assistance in movement at the airport, registration on flight and check-in of baggage;
  • Assistance in boarding (unloading) the aircraft, including using the special elevating device (ambulant elevator);
  • Granting of special means for movement (wheelchair).

More information you can find in section «For handicapped people».

What is the cost of transportation of excess baggage?

Rates of free transportation and tariffs for excess baggage are determined by airlines.

What's to be done, if upon arrival at the airport Zhukovsky I have not found out the baggage?

In a case if your baggage has not arrived, you need to apply to the baggage tracing department , which situated in a baggage claim terminal. However airline is fully responsible for the baggage transportation.

What's to be done, if during transportation from the baggage were lost my personal possessions?

Please apply to the baggage tracing department, which situated in a baggage claim terminal. However airline is fully responsible for the baggage transportation.

Application for loss of baggage contents you also can personally file with the Line Department of MIA of Russia at the airport Zhukovsky.

What's to be done, if the baggage has been damaged during transportation?

In case of detection of any damage of the baggage arisen during the transportation, you need to apply to the baggage tracing department. It is situated in a baggage claim terminal.

However airline is fully responsible for the baggage transportation.

Is it possible at the airport to pack the baggage into a film?

Yes, of course, this service is available on the first floor. Cost of service is 500 rubles.

Wh ere to enquire in a case of loss of documents at the airport?

All documents found in the territory of the airport are subject to surrender to line department (LD) of MIA of Russia at the airport Zhukovsky.

What a procedure of transportation of animals and plants?

First of all, you need to agree conditions with the airline.

The information on rules of transportation of animals and plants cross the border of the Russian Federation also contained on a website of an Office of Federal Veterinary And Phytosanitary Monitoring Service for the Moscow-City, Moscow and Tula regions (Rosselkhoznadzor) - http://www.rsn-msk.ru.

Also you can find the rules of transportation of animals and plants on our website in section Transportation of animals and plants

Can I to execute a pet certificate at the airport in the date of departure?

The veterinary certificate in the Form No. 5A can be issued at the veterinary checks stations at the airport in the date of departure.

Is it possible to pass a passport control faster?

Yes, at the airport there are special desks for the accelerated passage of passport control by passengers of a business class.

Is it possible to take photos at the airport?

Yes, in free access areas (in public zones) of a terminal, in waiting rooms of passengers after a passage of preflight inspection before boarding an aircraft, including views from the windows of terminals.

Shooting of industrial activity on service of aircrafts, points of preflight examination, places of customs and boundary control, the equipment and systems of safety without the special permission is not supposed.

Wh ere and in what conditions will fly my pet?

This information you need ascertain from the airline.

Are there duty-free shops at the airport Zhukovsky?

Yes, shops are open during terminal working hours. You can pay purchases in rubles, dollars and euro.

What rates of transportation of baggage and cabin baggage?

These rates depends on a transportation class. Usually permissible rate for one passenger of a business class - 30 kg, for one passenger of an economy class - 20 kg. The cabin baggage in a business class does not exceed 10-15 kgs, in an economy class - 8-10 kgs. For the detailed information on rates of baggage and cabin baggage please request the airline performing your flight.

What kinds and what volume of a liquid can be taken in a cabin baggage?

The passengers may carry liquids in the cabin baggage in containers with capacity does not exceed 100 ml which total capacity does not exceed 1 liter. It includes: water, drinks, creams, lotions, aerosols, gels, foams, pastes, etc.

The decorative cosmetics - mascara, tinting cream, lip gloss are also considered to be liquids. If the bottle with a liquid with capacity of 200 ml is filled half, then carrying such bottle in the cabin baggage is prohibited.

Rates are not summarized by quantity of people, and are calculated for one passenger.

What items are forbidden for transportation in the cabin baggage?

Dangerous items and substances:

  • Weapon,
  • Flammable substances and liquids,
  • Toxic/poisonous/radioactive substances,
  • Any sharp items.

The majority of airlines forbids transportation in cabin baggage of such items as:

  • Knives and scissors,
  • Corkscrews,
  • Knitting needles,
  • Injection needles, including hypodermic, except for prescribed cases,
  • Razors, blades and other sharp tools and items.
How to organize flight of the unaccompanied minors?

Parents of children at the ages from 5 to 16 years going a flight without adults, shall initially apply to airline for the purpose of drawing up of all documents required for such travel.

More detailed information you can find in section «Unaccompanied minors».

How to set off on a flight a minor without parents (for example, in the company of grandmother)?

For travel along territory of the Russian Federation a power of attorney from parents is not required. At flight check-in of a child and during the preflight inspection it is required to show the original of its birth certificate.

Notarized consent of one parent is required in case if the minor citizen of Russia leaves the Russian Federation without parents (legal guardians), this document is checked by the officer of the Border Service of the Russian Federation.

Is it required receiving the consent of the second parent to departure of the minor child abroad?

In case of departure from the Russian Federation of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation together with one of parents, consent of the second parent to departure of a child abroad is not required. (Grounds - Article 20 of the Federal act dated August 15, 1996, No. 114-FZ «Concerning the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation»). For more detail visit a website of the Border Service of the Russian Federation.

However in some cases the embassies or consulates at visa registration asks the above-stated document. Besides, it may well be that when from the parent accompanying the child will demand notarized consent of the second parent, only on the grounds that in the state in which you are going or in which you already present (at the airport or at station), other laws operate. In this case parents, adoptive fathers, guardians or trustees should accept the decision.

Wh ere I can to receive information on visas and other documents for entrance to the foreign state?

The advice concerning the documents required for entrance to the country of destination, you can get in consulate of such country or in the airline by whose flight you will depart from Zhukovsky.