All passengers prior to boarding should be registered without fail. After an announcement on the beginning of registration you must receive a boarding pass, check-in and surrender your baggage.

Registration of tickets and baggage check-in of the passengers on the domestic and international flights departing from the International airport Zhukovsky is carried out on the ground floor of the passenger terminal.

Time of beginning of registration is established by airlines and brought to passenger's knowledge at the moment of air ticket acquisition, but not later than two hours prior to a flight departure time

Flight check-in finishes 40 minutes prior to a flight departure time.

The passengers who have been late to a registration are not allowed to flight.

For the purpose of economy of your time we recommend to be registered by means of Web-services (Internet sites, mobile applications) if the airline renders this service.

Please note,that for each registration desk is reserved certain flight of airline. Numbers of registration desks for your flight you can see on theонлайн табло of our website or on information screens in the general registration area of the passenger terminal.

For service of passengers of business and economy classes at the airport are provided separate registration desks.

On the registration desk you shall show a ticket and a passport. If you have an electronic ticket, you can show only a passport. On the registration desk you shall show all baggage which you plan for transportation on the aircraft, irrespective of whether it will be transported in a cabin or in a baggage compartment.

At purchasing a flight ticket you shall learn from the airline what restrictions and rules are applicable during flight. At different airlines the conditions, in particular, concerning baggage may differ. Also there is a set of standard rules.

More detailed standard rules of transportation of a baggage and cabin baggage you can find on our website in section «Baggage». After registration and surrender of baggage you will receive a boarding pass and baggage labels.

In the presence of special conditions of transportation, requirements of special service at the airport, we ask you beforehand at booking, but not less than 24 hours prior to departure of your flight; inform the airline, for timely and qualitative providing of services.

All passengers travelling on the international flights shall pass customs and border control.

Declaring of the goods shall be carried out at a customs line - prior to registration, border control and preflight inspection.

Customs registration and customs control of the goods moved across the border of the Russian Federation, is made by officials of customs body according to the legislation of the Russian Federation applicable to customs affairs.

The applicable customs rules you can learn at customs information desks prior to customs control.

Areas of preflight inspection, customs and passport control, departure gates are located on the second floor of the passenger terminal.

Considering that each country establishes own passport and visa rules of entrance and exit, you shall beforehand obtain official information with regard to the requirements imposed on the travel papers (passports, visas) from the consulate of the country of your destination.

It is strongly recommended to you at purchasing or confirmation of booking of air ticket confirmation to acquaint with the airline rules of transportations, information on your flight, rules of baggage transportation and the registration procedure. You can find the necessary information on an airline website.

Have a nice flight!