Baggage Enquiries

If you have not received the baggage or have found out a damage of baggage, prior to leaving of arrival zone you shall address in «Lost and found» room. Officer Service will assist to fill the special form of the commercial certificate, confirming the fact of causing of damage.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the international regulation concerning the international carriage by air transport, responsibility for disturbances during the transportation rests with the airline.

Under the written application of the passenger filled on the basis of the transportation document, the carrier shall immediately take measures to search of the registered baggage:

  • Directs a request to the airport of departure on presence of baggage;
  • Directs the requests to the airports where the baggage could be delivered by mistake;
  • Directs a request on resending of baggage in case of its finding.
If the registered baggage was not found within twenty one days from the moment of submission of an application, passenger is entitled to demand an indemnification for lost of baggage. If the registered baggage was found, the carrier shall notify its owner and deliver belongings to the airport and at the address specified by the passenger without an additional payment.

In case of finding out of damage of baggage after leaving the arrival lounge, you shall in writing not later than in 7 days from the moment of arrival in airport of destination to direct to airline the claim for damage compensation. You can learn the additional information from the airline.

Claims are accepted by airline in writing accompanied by originals or notarized copies of the documents confirming: conclusion of the air transportation contract (ticket), property irregularity report (PIR), size of caused damage (fiscal documents).

To receive the resent, unclaimed and forgotten baggage you can in rooms of unclaimed baggage of the passenger terminal.

You can learn more detailed information by phones of the airport help desk by phones +7 495 228 96-00 or will address to an information desk at the airport.