Тariffs and payment methods

First 15 minutes of a parking is free.

Parking time** Tariff*
1-6 hour 250 rub./hour
Day (6 hours and more) 600 rub./day
    Two-three days (from 48 to 72 hours)
500 rub./day
    Three-four days (from 72 to 96 hours)
350 rub./day
Four  and more days (over 96 hours) 300 rub./day

*Parking time starts when the vehicle enters the car park. One day equals 24 hours.

For loss and damage of a parking card is provided a penalty at a rate of 1000 (one thousand) rubles. Payment of a penalty does not release from parking fee.

Payment order in automatic cash terminals at the airport square by cash:

  1. Come up to the cash terminal at the airport square and ins ert in to the terminal a parking card. The terminal reads out the information and displays on screen the sum for payment on the basis of the applicable rate.
  2. After payment of required sum the cash terminal will finish calculation whereupon it will give a card, check and odd money (if any). Please be aware that after a payment via the terminal located at the airport square, you will have 15 minutes for departure from complex territory.

In case of problems relating to payment please contact the operator by way of pressing the button «Call an operator» on cash terminal.

After payment you have 15 minutes for departure from parking area.

Parking fee is performed by cash in the automatic cash terminals located on a parking wh ere your car is situated.

In a case loss or damage of a parking card please contact the airport employee in a terminal building at a desk "Information" (entrance from street, from the airport square).

Service procedure of a parking of JSC «RAMPORT AERO» for special categories of customers (technology of service)

  1.  Public transport (stops and parking)

  2.  Taxi (halting point and parking)

  3.  Counterparts (tenants)

  4.  State supervising bodies

  5.  Emergency services (police, medical service, fire-fighting service etc.)

  6.  Employees and experts (office parking)