Unaccompanied Minors

Parents of the children at the ages from 5 to 12 years going to a flight without adults, shall mandatory in advance apply to the airline to learn rules of such flight and to execute all documents required for such travel. At the request of parents, adoptive fathers, guardians or trustees, to the children under 16 years may be provided with an accompaniment.

Children under 5 years allowed to flight only accompanied by adult full age passengers.

Please, inform airlines at booking of transportation that your child travels independently.

To such passengers, airlines render service of accompaniment of children, they assume a full responsibility for the child during period of its flight from one airport to another.

Persons seeing off the child should remain at the airport of departure till the moment of a departure of flight.

Upon entrance into a terminal building, a minor passenger together with seeing off person (parent or guardian) shall apply to check-in desk for filling of statement for providing of child accompaniment service and registration procedure.

At registration is required to show following documents:

  • Birth certificate (for flight along the Russian Federation);
  • International passport and documents required for flight into the country of destination (visa, etc. in case of international flights);
  • Identification document of seeing off person;
  • Notarized consent of one parent, guardian, adoptive parent or trustee, for departure, specifying the term of departure and the state (states), which the child intends to visit (provided that second parent has not made an application on non-consent for departure of the minor from the Russian Federation, issued in an order provided by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation). (According to Article 20 of the Federal act of the Russian Federation «Concerning the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation» dated 8/15/1996 No. 114-FZ)*;
  • Filled forms of application and requests containing required information (names, addresses, phones) of seeing off and meeting parties;
  • МСО, confirming payment of accompanying service (unless otherwise is provided by airline rules).
Please note that the Legislation of the states planned for visit by minor, may provide some additional requirements to execution of documents for entry.

Upon an arrival the child is passed by the steward to the officer of ground service. Meeting persons, specified by you in request, should arrive at the airport up the time of arrival of flight and have in possession a valid identification document with a photo.

The child is passed to a meeting person upon presentation of an identification document.