Special Needs

We will try to make your stay in the airport as much as possible comfortable!

For providing of the special assistance you need to apply to your airline.

According to Federal Aviation Regulations «Common rules for air service of passengers, baggage, cargo and maintenance requirement of passengers, exporter and receiver» the passenger shall agree with airline transportation of*:

  • Seriously ill passenger;
  • Bedridden patient;
  • Unaccompanied aurally challenged passenger;
  • Visually challenged passenger with a seeing-eye dog;
  • Unaccompanied aurally and/or visually challenged passenger who will be transported under airline supervision;
  • Passenger with reduced mobility at using air transport and/or whose physical condition demands special attention at service (passenger with the reduced mobility).

*The airline is entitled to deny from transportation if the physical condition of the passenger threatens safety of flight or creates discomfort. More detailed information you can learn from your airline.

The free services provided by the airport for the handicapped passengers:

  • A meeting of the passenger at a vehicle parking place;
  • Accompaniment and assistance at movement at the airport, registration on flight and baggage check-in;
  • Providing of an invalid wheelchair for movement within the terminal and for boarding the aircraft;
  • Delivery aboard the aircraft, including providing of the ambulant elevator or ambulance car;
  • Possibility to use video communication with city dispatcher service for handicapped persons, employees of which will provide a help information and where necessary will carry out real-time a sign language interpretation;
  • Possibility to use the panel with an audio loop (to specify location in the terminal)
  • Where necessary, accompaniment by the qualified medical worker is performed;
  • Upon the arrival in the International airport Ramenskoye (Zhukovsky) you will be met by our officers and they will assist at landing from an aircraft, as well as will help to receive baggage and where necessary will accompany you to a vehicle parking place.
Important! At booking and purchasing of air ticket you shall necessarily specify, what special services and assistance be required to you at the airport and during flight. It is necessary to inform airlines on necessity of these services within the time limits set by the airline's regulations.

If for any reasons at booking you have not notified airline on special needs or you wish to make it independently, you can in any time to contact the employee of our help service and to inform on your needs:

By phone: + 7 495 228 96-00 (round the clock)

On arrival in the airport, please, contact us by phone +7 495 228 96-00 (round the clock). Specify your location and clarify, please, what help you need. We will direct to you employees for rendering assistance.

Travel with a seeing-eye dog

Please, readrules and guidelines of transportation of animals (FAR 82 and IATA rules), and make sure that you have all necessary documents.

Travel on a powered wheelchair

You must take into account the following IATA rules of transportation of dangerous cargoes:

  • The powered wheelchair is deposited into baggage, accumulator is disconnected at registration;
  • Wet batteries are disconnected, packed and deposited into the baggage.

Terminals of emergency call

If you need help on arrival at the airport you can communicate us. Terminals of emergency call for handicapped passengers (desk Assistance) are located near the air terminal entrances.

Medical aid

If you need special medical aid you can apply to a first-aid post which is located on the ground floor of terminal. The first-aid post is open during terminal working hours.

Contraindications to transportation of patients on board of the passenger airliners of civil aircraft:

According to Appendix to the Instruction on organization and performance of flights by planes (helicopters) of civil aviation for rendering medical aid for people. It is approved by the Directive of the deputy Minister of civil aviation dated 10/21/81, it is forbidden transportation by an air transport of the patients, suffering from following diseases:

  • Ferbile and highly contagious diseases.
  • Tetanus.
  • Poliomyelitis (bulbar form with respiration disturbance).
  • Laryngostenosis with respiration disturbance.
  • Acute peritonitis.
  • Gaseous gangrene.
  • Depressed cases.
  • Acute craniocerebral injuries and spinal traumas during entire period of clinician semiology.
  • Precomatose, comatose state in the setting of diabetes mellitus.
  • Severe sepsis.
  • Uraemia.
  • The Sharp stenocardia with signs of a preceding infarction condition.
  • The Hypertensive crisis.
  • Acute heart beat arrhythmia.
  • Cardiovascular diseases into decompesation (stage 3).
  • Postinfarct and postapoplectic state during 5-6 months.
  • Acute leukaemia and Werlhof disease.
  • Purulent meningitis.
  • Labyrinthitis and labyrinthine vertigo in the exacerbation phase.
  • Oncoma of posterior cranial fossa.
  • Active tuberculosis of the lungs with full-blown pulmonary heart diseases.
  • Primary artificial and spontaneous pneumothorax.
  • Glaucoma in the subcompensation and decompensation phase, retinal detachment.
  • Eclampsia.
  • Mental patients dangerous to himself and others.
  • Advanced oncologic patients with the events of disturbance of (deep) circulation and respiration (exudative pleuritic with mediastinal displacement).


Transportation of patients with the specified diseases is permitted on passenger aircraft of CA by way of exception under vital indications, except sections 1, 21, 25.

The enterprises and the persons preparing the patient to transportation by aircraft should procure him/her with accompanying medical personnel and medicines.