JSC «RAMPORT AERO» sets a key objective of Prequalification a formation of the list of potential participants of competitive procurements, as well as further determination of the counterparts, capable to carry out delivery of goods, to render services and to perform certain types of works according to quality and safety requirements of the JSC «RAMPORT AERO» to the purchased goods, services and manufacturing processes (works) over the declared subject of purchase.

At carrying out of prequalification the Applicant shall provide a documentation confirming availability with it of a required and sufficient competence, financial resources, technical possibilities and a goodwill for the purpose of qualitative and timely performing of all obligations under the contract concluded with it.

For taking part in the prequalification it is required to fill in the «prequalifying questionnaire»

Hereafter it is required to execute and deliver a set of documents according to the list (see below) to the address:
140180, Moscow Region, Zhukovsky, Narkomvod Street, 23, JSC «RAMPORT AERO»,;

To attention of purchase department:

List of documents for prequalification:
  • Prequalifying questionnaire;
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities concerning the company (issued not earlier than 30 days prior to submitting for prequalification);
  • Company's Articles of association (most recent);
  • Company's Balance sheet (with a mark of tax agency on the acceptance, for the last 3 accounting periods);
  • Business license(if applicable);
  • Information in any form (presentation, analysis report, other), confirming experience in a field of activity for which prequalification procedure is conducted;
  • Letters of recommendation from partners and customers.

All this documents should be certified by the authorized signature and the common seal: The organizer in the person of JSC «RAMPORT AERO» is entitled to check an information presented by the Applicant, as well as in written and-or oral form to request additional materials and explanations in connection with this documents.

Procedures of the Counterpart selection are not the auctions of any kind and, accordingly, does not subject to regulation of Art. 447-449 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, as well as are not the public offer of the Customer.

To the participants passed the procedure of Prequalification and included in the list of potential participants of competitive procurements by certain types of the delivered goods, performed works and rendered services will be without fail sent the invitations to take part in competitive procurements.

List of current procurement tenders can be found by link: