Project of establishment of the civil airport in airdrome Zhukovsky equipped with the longest flight strip in Europe (5 402 m), is realized collectively by the companies Avia SolutionGroup and GK "RosTeh". This project includes not only construction of airport facilities objects, but also formation of a transport infrastructure: a lining new and a reconstruction of existing highways and railway tracks, commissioning of new routes of public transport that will provide the maximum convenience to passengers.

Within the realization of the first stage of development of an airport complex at the present day commissioned a new passenger terminal with a total area of 17 600 sq. m. and capacity of 4 million passengers a year.

Till 2020 the international airport Zhukovsky will have the passenger terminal with capacity of 12 million passengers a year, the freight terminal including storage facilities with a total area of 5 000 sq. m, and two flight strips (5 400 m and 2 400 m).