Traveling with Kids

For comfortable waiting of flight departure to the passengers with children at the International airport Ramenskoye (Zhukovsky) is organized the Mother and child room, located on second floor of the passenger terminal.

There is parents can warm up meal for kids, nourish and swaddle the child.

Room is intended for children under 7 years accompanied by one adult. Before visiting of a room you need to receive a medical certificate for the child in a medical station of the terminal which is located on the terminal ground floor.

The documents required for applying of the passenger to Mother and child room:

  • Air ticket or a boarding pass;
  • Passport;
  • Birth certificate/passport of the child;
  • Prenatal record (for pregnant women);
  • Certificate on the contacts, issued by the pediatrician in a residence no more than 3 days prior to a departure or after examination of children by medical personnel on duty directly in a Mother and child room.

Visiting of the Mother and child room with the baggage and animals is not allowed.

Swaddling rooms are available on all floors of the terminal. On information signage in the terminal and on the scheme of airport they are designated by corresponding signs

If you travel with children, please, beforehand arrive to the airport for passage of registration procedure to give us an opportunity to keep for you the nearby places.

Our airport gives you opportunity to use a baby trolley until entrance into aircraft and to receive a baby trolley on exit from the aircraft. If you wish to use this service, please inform to this effect an officer at registration.

* Please note that at some airports providing of this service is impossible according to airport safety requirements.