Zhukovsky Airport Accommodated First Regular Passenger Flight 12.09.2016

Zhukovsky Airport Accommodated First Regular Passenger Flight

Belavia Airline has become the first Carrier, which started to carry out air travel through the Zhukovsky International Airport. Flights from Minsk to the Zhukovsky Airport will be carried out every day from September 12, 2016. The price of a one way ticket will be from 34 euros, of a return ticket – 63 euros including taxes and fees.
“This past spring we opened the Zhukovsky Airport. A number of agreements on air transport were signed with four airlines on the same day. Following the solution of all administrative matters, we opened the air gate for aircraft and accommodated the first flight of the Belavia Airline today. In the near future we intend to open a flight connection to a number of other areas within Russia, as well as to foreign countries”, – said the Deputy General Director of the Rostec, State Corporation, Dmitry Shugaev.
“We are happy to welcome the national Carrier of the Republic of Belarus – the Belavia Airline, at the Zhukovsky International Airport. I am confident that our cooperation will not only create more attractive conditions for the passengers’ traveling, but will also contribute to the strengthening and development of partner relations within the Union State”, – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RAMPORT AERO, OJSC, Boris Aleshin.
“We try to conduct a flexible pricing policy, and we are thankful to the management of the Zhukovsky Airport for the opportunity to offer such low prices to the direct passengers from Minsk to Moscow. The ticket price is caused by both special rates for services that have been offered by the Zhukovsky Airport and the desire of airlines to attract passengers. The Belavia seeks to motivate people, who are accustomed to travel by ground modes of transport, to travel by plane. The flights will be performed once a day for now, but if we see the passengers’ interest, we will increase the number of frequencies. First of all, we expect that such prices help to attract customers who choose the ground transport so far”, – said the General Director of the Belavia Airline, OJSC, Anatoly Gusarov.

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